October, 5th 2013

Connection search and new design.

July, 5th 2013

New german "after-flooding" timetables are online.

April, 24th 2013

One is now able to give the maximum number of vehicle changes when doing the driving distance search.

February 17th 2013

From today on Arrlee displays the connection details by itself without using the external railway sites.

December 20th 2012

The german NGO ProBahn ("Pro Railway") published an article about Arrlee in their latest issue of "Der Fahrgast" ("The passenger").

October 10th 2012

We are happy to announce, that from now on the Arrlee time tables also contain the cable car date from our partner Alpentaxi. In addition our new connection search is online, still beta though.

August 12th 2012

Swiss SonntagsZeitung published a big article (german) about Arrlee and our new Mobility-Index.

March 28th 2012

We are taking an active part on the Open Data Camp on 30th and 31st of march. In addition to a presentation of Arrlee we are also contributing data!

March 1st 2012

Screenshot heat map The newest version of Arrlee shows differently colored areas, depending on the time it takes to reach the area. The resulting look is similar to a heat map used for coloring images depending on their temperature. In our case, close areas are colored darker while for more remote areas lighter colors are used.
In addition you can choose which color schema you want to use or if you prefer not have the map colored at all.

February 2nd 2012

Major user interface redesign: Stations and POI are displayed next to the map in list form, plus many small changes.

November 19th 2011

We happy announce the mobile version of Arrlee: http://m.arrlee.eu! This online-version is optimized for smaller screens as they can be found in mobile phones and tablets like iPhone, Android-devices and many more platforms.

October 16th 2011

Our partnership with Bergportal bears unique fruit: Almost all Swiss mountains and many mountains in Germany and Austria are now integrated into Arrlee and can be found via a proximity search. All listed summits are linked to the appropriate tours; in addition we also integrated picnic spots, Alpine huts and glaciers.

October 3rd 2011

We are happy to announce that Alpentaxi joined us as a partner. Built by the environmental organization Mountain Wilderness the portal offers information on cable cars, buses and taxi in the Alps. Most of these are not listed in any official time table but will help you get to the mountains in a fast and eco-friendly way.

September 4th 2011

You can now bookmark search results and the current view and/or send it to friends.

August 26th 2011

Arrlee is now available in English with more languages to follow.

August 12th 2011

Usability has been improved with new data and faster loading.

July 17th 2011

New data: A lot of changes backstage. Number of POI almost doubled, better routing calculation and integration of wikipedia.

July 28th 2011

Online with new design. We hope you like it.

June 6th 2011

Beta testing successfully finished. Thanks to all the helping hands!