Arlee is your range search partner for public transport in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

When you want to know where you can travel by train within 1 hour, which movie theaters you can reach quickly by bus or tram or where you can live within 30 minutes of your workplace by public transport, Arrlee will help answer these and other such questions.

Arlee is here to help you. Simply provide your departure train station or bus/tram stop, and the destinations reached within your defined time are presented in map form. Arlee calculates the travel time to every bus/tram stop and train station, presenting those matching your destination criteria.

Select your departure train station

All attainable train stations and bus/tram stops from your departure train station will be identified. Please provide your departure train station or bus/tram stop in the field at the top left of the screen.
As you type, (1) Arrlee searches for possible stations and displays these potential matches in a list (2). To assist you in your selection, the country name and transport options appear next to the station name (3). A description of the symbols may be found below. For example, trains and rapid-transit railways depart from the Hannover mainstation. Select the desired station with your mouse or via your keyboard and the search begins automatically.

Search results

Your departure station is marked in yellow (4: ) on the map. To facilitate your locating a destination when many stations meet your search criteria, a blue background indicates those areas containing matches (5).

Display stations

You may zoom in on sections of the map with the help of Google-Maps-Navigation (7) or via the scroll wheel on your mouse. For more information on the use of Google-Maps, visit
When zooming, another button (6) appears on the display containing your search results. Clicking on this will bring you back to the overview map at any time.
By zooming into the map individual stations appear, indicated by blue rings. Move your mouse over a station (8) to display the station name and travel time to reach this destination. The travel time may also include any walking time needed in addition to the time required on public transport.
Clicking on a station opens an information page displaying the station name, the station's country and all means of available transport (9). The travel time (9) and number of transfers (10) are indicated next; both are linked to an online travel schedule which you can access, along with further information including alternative travel means, via a mouse click.
The information window also displays photos (12) made available by the online services of Panoramio.

Further options

Further search options may be selected below the entry fields.
  • (13) Maximum travel time – stations that may be reached within the entered maximum travel time from your start station are located (including possible walking distances).
  • (14) Departure time – Travel schedules beginning after your selected departure time will be displayed.
  • (15) Departure date – Travel schedules on your selected departure date will be displayed.
  • (16) Point of Interest – Rather than searching according to stations, you may search according to various points of interest. You will find more information about this option here.

The maximum travel time and the departure time are selected via the slider bar.

Point of Interest

Clicking on the "Point of Interest" (please see further options) under the search options opens a pop-up window in which you can select to find either stations or point of interest within range. In the example "Theater and Opera" as well as "Museums" are selected (17). Click on "Ok" (18) to begin the search.
In our example, rather than searching according to stations, points of interest (POI) under theater and museums within 30 minutes by public transport from Hamburg Dammtor were searched and displayed.
As with the stations, you can also zoom in and out and click inside the markings. An information window will appear, which contains exactly the same information as the information window for the stations. In addition the approximate pedestrian path from the arrival station to the POI is displayed (19).
If available, the information window also displays a link to the POI's website (21) and an abstract of the related Wikipedia-article including a link to it (20).
As soon as you click on "Walk", the exact pedestrian path from the station to your destination is estimated and shown as a line on the map (22).


Documentation of the used symbols:

Train: All kind of trains except rapid-transit and underground railways.
Motorail train
Rapid-transit railway
Underground railway
Streetcar / Tram
Taxi: A shared taxi may require a reservation!
Trolley bus
Ship: Every kind of ship, from sea-car ferries to rowing boats.
Airplane: Every kind of airplane, from an airbus to a 2-seater Cessna
Cable car / Cableway / Funicular
Pedestrian path
Unknown: this form of travel is not recognised.